Buckroe Beach Fishing Pier…A Window to the Chesapeake Bay

Buckroe Fishing Pier Clubhouse | Hampton, VA

Imagine if there was a store that allowed you to grab all the food you want for $8. I don’t think there are many people that would pass up this type of opportunity especially if it included seafood. Buckroe Fishing Pier does just that. For only an $8.00 investment, you can fish all you want for 24 hours and what ever you catch you keep including crab (as long as the fish aligns with regulations and restrictions). No fishing license is required once you pay the entry fee.

View of Buckroe Beach

Located in the Hampton, Virginia area the pier is also adjacent to the beach which makes for amazing views. It is open 24 hours and one of the best times to go fishing at Buckroe is overnight so you can catch the sunrise. Bait, food and drinks can all be purchased from the pier shop. There are rest rooms in the main clubhouse as well.

Sunrise at the fishing pier

This is a saltwater fishing pier with amazing views of the Cheasepeake Bay of the Atlantic Ocean and Buckroe Beach. I personally fish from this pier with my uncle several times during the summer months. We catch everything from Croaker, Whiting, and Trout to Blue etc.

You literally can catch anything out there, including Skate fish. Buckroe Beach fishing pier is the perfect place to spend a relaxing evening fishing and taking in the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean.