Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is a double birthday because I get to celebrate the birth of our new blog, 95 Digital, as well as the actual day my mother gave birth to a bald little baby in Houston, TX. Typically, my husband and I celebrate bigly on our back to back birthdays by traveling, his is tomorrow. This year we decided to stay local and do something small, relaxing and budget friendly.

Massages by IeshaC | Richmond, VA

My day started off with a 60-minute massage from Massages by IeshaC. Iesha has been a licensed massage therapist for five years and has worked for exclusive salon and spas in Richmond such as The Red Door on the West End. This year Iesha has ventured into entrepreneurship by opening her own massage therapy business. The visit on my birthday was the second with Iesha in less than two months. Iesha is one of the best therapists I’ve ever experienced. Who knew such power would be packed into the tiny fingers of such a petite woman?

She is very thorough in her assessment of what your needs are, where the focal points of stress and muscle tension are, and even how much pressure you can handle. My massage included aromatherapy, hot stones and soothing instrumental music.

I left here feeling like a limp noodle and a million bucks.

I highly recommend the services of Iesha Crumble of Massage by Iesha C. You can visit her 4100 Brook Rd, Ste B, less than 2 miles from I-95 N and Hermitage Rd in Richmond, VA.

The next stop on my birthday was one my favorite lunch spots, CAVA Grill. I must thank my girlfriends in Alexandria for the discovery of this delicious and nutritious find. CAVA Grill is a fast-casual restaurant that specializes in build your own salad or grain bowls, and wraps with a Greek and Mediterranean flair. If you’ve never experienced CAVA, think what Chipotle used to be, with a lot more flavor and no E. coli or Salmonella outbreaks. No seriously, the food is really good and you can create your meal to be as healthy or high-calorie as you’d like it to be.

CAVA was started by three friends in Washington DC. The restaurants have expanded throughout the east coast, and now has eight stores in California and will soon open three restaurants in Austin, TX.

CAVA Grill | Midlothian | Richmond, VA

In case you ever want a tasty nutrient filled bowl of goodness, I end this commercial on CAVA with a pic of one of my favorite combinations. I start with Greens + Grains (Supergreens and Black Lentils) and a warm pita on the side. I then add three Dips + Spreads (tzatziki, crazy feta, and harissa…A Louisiana/Texas girl that loves heat in her food has to add harissa). Next up is your choice of protein. I usually choose grilled chicken but there are also spicy lamb meatballs, braised beef, grilled meatballs, braised lamb, and for you vegetarians there is roasted seasonal vegetables or falafel. Next are all you can stand toppings – cabbage slaw, tomato and cucumber salad, mint, Kalamata olives, and California quinoa tabbouleh are personal favorites but there is also shredded romaine, pickled onions, pita crisps, pickled banana peppers, tomato and onion salad, diced cucumber, lemon wedge, crumbled feta and sumac radishes. Last, but not least on the menu, is the flavorful drizzle of the dressing of your choice. I choose lemon herb tahini, but also available is sriracha Greek yogurt, green harissa, Greek vinaigrette, yogurt dill, or spicy lime tahini. If your mouth is now watering from all the possibilities, you are welcome!

CAVA Grill | Midlothian | Richmond, VA


Last stop on the birthday train is a sweet treat and must have for any birthday girl, cupcakes! I treated myself to a strawberry cupcake from Smallcakes of Richmond.

Strawberry Cupcake

Smallcakes | Midlothian | Richmond, VA

Smallcakes Cupcakery and Creamery is a franchised bakery with over 200 locations nationwide and in Dubai! What started out as a boutique cupcake and ice cream shop in Overland Park, KS, now has become an expansion of daily baked gourmet cupcake decadence. I’m just grateful for the owner of the RVA location that has baked its way into my heart (and belly) two miles away from my house.

What a way to end a birthday!

Smallcakes | Midlothian | Richmond, VA