Quincy Market | Boston , MA

Quincy Market | Boston, MA

Quincy Market has been around for over 180 years in the city of Boston.  The actual official name, according to the website for Quincy Market, is Faneuil Hall Marketplace in reference to the historic Faneuil Hall that stands across the square from the market (I will write about Faneuil Hall in a later post).

Courtyard outside Quincy Market

Quincy Market is apparently the name the public calls it in honor of the Mayor of Boston at the time it was constructed.  You can read the history of the market here. In my opinion when you visit Boston this should be one of your first stops.  The location is filled with so much history and inside you will find authentic shops and food representative of the city.

Inside Quincy Market | Boston, MA

You will also find entertainment outside the building at various times throughout the day (as shown in the first image on this page) in the square between Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall.

The rotunda in Quincy Market

Vendors outside Quincy Market building